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Amity Warme

About Amity

You'll often find me exceedingly stoked and always in motion, often rock climbing. I'm constantly pursuing the next big adventure.

My secret climbing superpower is trying REALLY hard - I don’t give up!

Feel free to say hi if you ever see me around!!

Why Climbing?

I find climbing compelling because it provides the opportunity to challenge myself while exploring incredible landscapes and connecting with others in the mountain adventure tribe. I thrive when an objective pushes me to the limit, physically and mentally. I love digging deep to accomplish a goal.

I enjoy all climbing disciplines but feel most drawn to big wall climbing because it requires a combination of every skill in your repertoire in order to pull off a successful ascent!

I also appreciate connecting with climbing partners through a shared experience. I am always amazed at the accomplishments that teamwork and mutual stoke can lead to and I value learning from those around me. I find great joy in empowering others to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve something great.

Why Nutrition?

I've been immersed in 'weight sensitive' sports my entire life. I'm acutely aware of the harmful mental and physical effects of underfueling, in one's athletic performance and long-term health.

I grew up doing competitive gymnastics. While I was fortunate to have positive role models around me as a young gymnast I still saw the negative ramifications of underfueling in others. I suffered a career ending back injury, which may have been partly related to unintentional nutritional deficiencies.

After finding climbing, I became more aware of a pervasive attitude around weight and diet that encouraged underfueling. I saw this play out in my climbing journey and experienced the negative effects firsthand, and I have witnessed it in countless climbers around me.

Having long had an interest in sports performance and physiology, along with a passion for food and cooking, it seemed like a natural connection to integrate both aspects into a career.

Now, my goal is to help athletes use nutrition to maximize their performance while protecting long term health!