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Big News On El Cap: First New Route in Years, and a Fast Free Golden Gate Ascent


Adams and Wickstrom establish 1,100 feet of new terrain; Warme and Karow go ground up on all-team-free ascent.

Chris Van Leuven

Amity on Golden Gate
Amity freeing Golden Gate on El Capitan
Credit: Felipe Nordenflycht

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“…In the other newsworthy ascent, over May 24 and 29 and climbing from the ground without pre-inspection or pre-stashing of haul bags, Warme and Karow freed the 36-pitch 5.13a Golden Gate. They didn’t know which key placements had to go where, and they had to figure everything out on the fly.

‘It really does increase the challenge,’ Warme says. ‘Going into the 5.13 “Golden Desert” pitch, I took the whole rack with me.‘”

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