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Amity Warme

Video: Amity Climbs Stélmexw, Squamish, BC


A few clips from sending the 13+ stem corner

Originally posted by Amity Warme

Connor and I went on another adventure, questing up wet approach pitches to challenge ourselves on the 35 meter stemming masterpiece. Jesse Huey first freed the line in September 2022, and it hasn’t seen many repeats. A couple friends, Connor Herson and Brent Barghahn, sent earlier this summer, and I was keen to give it a proper effort!

Jesse explaining the name: ‘It is difficult to translate from the Squamish native language to the English language as many of the words in the native language take on meaning in a verb state and do not exist in the same way nouns do in the English language. Stélmexw (pronounced Stole-meck) directly translated to the English noun means “Human Being,” yet in the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh native language words have meanings more in the verb form. Stélmexw in the native language means “the pursuit of being human.“’

It was an epic challenge! My legs were quivering, threatening to dance right off the power smears as I continued upward. Somehow I managed to sent with a no falls day, in spite of some seriously wet sections on the early 5.10s and the final 5.12c pitch.