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Amity Warme

The Struggle Climbing Show


Expert Analysis: Nutrition with Amity Warme

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Summary from Ryan:

Amity Warme joins the show to look back at this season’s interviews with 10 of the biggest names in climbing, and helps us all to learn from where the pros have struggled and excelled.

Amity Warme is an elite climber, has her masters in sports nutrition, and is a registered dietician. She joins the pod to look back at season 2 (featuring highlights from Melina Costanza, Matt Fultz, Tommy Caldwell, Mo Beck, and more) and shares actionable takeaways that we can all use to level up our own nutrition and climbing.


  • The impact of restricting calories
  • Responsible tapering for a performance phase
  • Fueling for different climbing objectives
  • Sugar: the good, the bad, and the tasty
  • An easy rule to strike balance in nutrition
  • The impact of alcohol on recovery and performance
  • Most effective supplements for leveling up