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Amity Warme

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Amity Warme on Cobra Crack: Lessons from Not-Sending, Route-Specific Training, Micro-Underfueling, and Doing Her Hardest Routes with a Ruptured Pulley

Amity on Cobra Crack
Amity on the exit boulder of Cobra Crack
Credit: Rachel Ross

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Summary from Ryan:

Elite climber Amity Warme shares her process, struggles, and learnings as she projected (but hasn’t yet sent) one of the hardest trad routes in the world, Cobra Crack.

Amity is a trad and big wall crusher, boasting ground-up ascents of El Nino, El Corazon, Golden Gate, and the Freerider routes of El Cap, plus other hard trad lines such as Book of Hate (13d / 8b) which she recently sent with a fully ruptured A2 pulley. In this conversation we discuss:

  • Why she chose Cobra as her hardest project yet
  • Going from 9 days as her longest project to more than 30 for Cobra
  • Training on the project (and why it didn’t work)
  • Sunk Cost Theory, and questioning whether the struggle was worth it
  • The emotional rollercoaster of projecting at her limit
  • Shoe beta
  • The impact of ‘micro-underfueling’
  • Sending her hardest routes in the Valley… with a fully ruptured A2 pulley